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Akce IPSO Ukrajina 1.-3. prosince 2023

For over half a year now Ukraine has been confronting Russia’s military aggression, which has presented us with challenges – from physical and mental survival to attempts to comprehend and overcome military traumatization and life during the war. I am happy to announce that we have come to the possibility of creating a conference and want to share our developments.

We’ve managed to create a hybrid online and in-person conference like no other. Together, we will embark on a profound exploration of our identities as analysts and analysts-in-training during wartime. The theme revolves around the extraordinary challenges war presents, urging us to confront and navigate through intense and disruptive emotions while adapting our analytical approach. It is our fervent hope that IPA and IPSO colleagues from across the globe will join us on this difficult journey of collective reflection. One IPA colleague who is now at the front will share his unique emotional experience as well as colleagues who live and work in areas that are currently hammered by rockets or were forced to emigrate and re-establish their practice in a new location.

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